Welcome to Year 12 English at Melton Secondary College for 2012

Yes, we have entered the technological age in the English department and employed the use of a Wiki to give you extra assistance in succeeding in English in Year 12.

You will be invited to join this wiki, which will mean that you can contribute to the wiki, along with asking any questions in relation to the texts we will be studying throughout the course of the year.

The intention of creating this wiki is to give you an extra resource that you can access outside of school hours and that will also be a connection to further resources that we as your teachers think would be useful to your studies.

Anyway, now that we have gone through all the boring stuff, this should be an exciting year for you,as the culmination of all of your years of learning.

This wiki will focus on the main texts that we are studying this year, along with a section that focusses on the context of Encountering Conflict. There will also be sections that you can catch up on any class notes that you may have missed. As this is our first attempt at using a wiki, we will be happy to take any feedback or suggestions in order to help improve the site.

Most of all good luck for this year. Remember that your teachers are here to help you and you should make the most of them throughout the year.