Encountering Conflict

The focus of this page will be to examine various examples of the context of 'encountering conflict', along with helping to develop your ideas around the context.

Just to get you started, here are some of the big ideas based around the context of 'encountering conflict', your job is to think about these ideas and then develop your own thoughts about them.

* Conflicts involve a clash of ideas.
* People's responses to conflict vary.
* Conflict occurs between the powerful and the powerless.
* Conflicts may be difficult to resolve.
* Conflict can be a catalyst for change.

Here's a useful diagram that helps to demonstrate how responding to the context comes together. I did steal it from another website which has some great conflict resources, http://msgsresources.wikispaces.com/Area+of+Study+2+-+Creating+and+Presenting.
Below is a clip from Henry Rollins (worth looking up who he is) who shares his ideas in Israel after visiting wounded war vets, there are some pretty strong images here and shows a different reaction to conflict than perhaps in 'The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif'.